La Bobette

Somehow we've been sucked into frequent postings as we wait for more product to be finished and for the cold rainy weather to pass in Montana. We thought it'd be nice to profile some of the great riders we've come to know and love. First up is the French man Louis Bobet. Born March 12, 1925 in Brittany France, he was the first rider to win the Tour three times from 1953-1955. He also won the Tour's King of the Mountains in 1950. Besides being a total bad-ass, here are some things we find noteworthy. He was a very emotional guy and was known for crying leading to his nickname "La Bobette." Bobet was also really into clothing and went on to own a clothing store after his cycling career was over. Louis refused to wear his first yellow jersey because it wasn't made out of pure wool. Ahhhh a man after our own heart.